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Application for Eustace Hutchinson Empty Application for Eustace Hutchinson

Post by Eustace Hutchinson on Sat Jun 18, 2011 6:19 am

Name:Eustace Hutchinson

Character Info
Personality:Eustace is your average geek. He is very smart and always spouting some scientific nonsense. He is also not very good with people and sometimes a bit of a wimp. He is very inventive, though, and will help a friend in need.
Appearance:Eustace has neatly combed hair and hazel eyes. He usually wears thick glasses and braces. He mostly wears a neat white shirt with a vinyl pocket protector. The shirt is usually tucked into his black pants, and wears a pair of smart-looking black loafers.
Weaknesses:Occasionally wimpy, talks too much
Strengths:Very smart and inventive

Parents: Unknown
History: Eustace’s mortal parent got tired of handling the haywire machines the boy created weekly and sent him to a boarding school in Manhattan, where he is (or will be) found by a satyr and taken to Camp Half-Blood.

Optional Info
Books: I have read every Percy Jackson book, Demigod Files and Heroes of Olympus- The Lost Hero.

Eustace Hutchinson

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