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Post by Athena on Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:49 pm

Name: Athena
--Alias: Goddess of Wisdom, Brain Child, Ect.
Age: Immortal
Gender: Female
Species: Goddess

Character Info
Personality: Athena is a disciplined woman, VERY wise, and quick thinking. She is brilliant and always takes every needed precaution before acting on anything. She loves all of her demigod children. Athena is the only god or goddess who claims her children at birth. Athena is usually kind to all demigods. She can be cold at times. Athena is known for never giving up.
Appearance: Athena has long black hair and intense gray eyes, She is said to be beautiful, and lean. She wears an elegant white dress.
Weaknesses: Cares too much, hates Poseidon so much it could be considered a weakness
Strengths: Anything to do with logic and thinking, Wisdom.

Parents: Zeus and Metis (Titan of wisdom)
History: Athena sprung fully-grown from Zeus' head in full battle armor. She quickly became Zeus's favorite daughter. She is one of the most active goddesses. She assisted Odysseus in his journey home from the Sea of Monsters, and made sure the Greeks won the Trojan War. She also helped heroes like Diomedes, Heracles, Jason and Perseus. Like Artemis and Hestia she is one of the virgin goddesses for her children are born from thought, which she says is the purest kind of love.

RP Sample: Athena sat on her throne regarding the small gathered group thoughtfully. She watched with intense Gray eyes as Zeus and Poseidon fought again. "I agree with Zeus." She said not bothering to look towards the Sea god she disagreed with. "Your plan with have all the mortals killed within hours." She said finally turning her eyes to him. "No need to have a Seaweed Brain make our decisions." She said smirking at him.

Optional Info
Books: The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan's Curse, (Currently working on The Battle of the Labyrinth.)


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Athena Application Empty Cold Case: Excellent Series!

Post by merrytess on Mon May 16, 2011 8:15 pm

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