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Character Info

Personality: Athena is reserved and not loud and rambunctious like some of her other relatives. But she can often act like a young girl, nieve and such. She will speak her mind, and often does what she wants even when told not to. She is often in her head, thinking, planning, contemplateing. And so often she becomes un aware about reality. She is always ready to give a word of her wisdom to those who will listen, tho not many heed her word.

Appearance: She has owl gray eyes, she is tall and pale, her hair is long, wavey and brown. She can change who she looks like though.

Weaknesses:Jelousy, strong headedness,

Strengths:Wisdome, war stratagy, she can transform to be anything or person.


Parents: Zeus (born out of Zeus' head)

History: Zeus was jelouse that Hera bore Hephetus, so he had Athena, also known as menirva. She has done many things, to name a few she loved odissious, she is still mad about the golden apple insadent.


RP Sample: Athen was up in the room were she, her siblings, uncles, aunts, and father met to discuss many things. She was there alone right at this moment, sitting with one foot on her chair and the other dangaling down to the floor, and was gazing idaly down to earth. She laughed alittle as she saw some fools be caught in there folly, she had tried to offer wisedom but they had turned her down multiple times and mow they were getting it. Then she sighed as she saw one of her children reading, they were at camp half blood and they were reading the odassy, she was in that story. She thoguht of odissious and how she had adored him, she thought of his son and how she fortold odisiouses home comeing. She gazed back down upon her children at the camp, practiceing there battle tactics, or reading in greek, or just thinking, like she did often. How she wished she could talk to them, say hello, and that she thought of them and watched them and wished she could be a better mother. But alas she couldnt all she could do was watch from up here.

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