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Andrew Farley application Empty Andrew Farley application

Post by Andrewdec2 on Tue Jan 26, 2010 8:09 pm

Basic Info
Name:Andrew Logan Farley

Character Info
Personality:Andrew is very nice, and smart. He is also funny.
Appearance:Brown Hair Brown eyes 5'2 tan skin. medium/long hair
Strengths:intelligence, creativity

Biography: Andrew was raised in Heflin ,Alabama by his mother alone and spotted by a satyr around his 12th birthday. He has been going to camp half-blood ever since
History: Andrew was born in Ohio. He liived in WV for a cople of years and moved to Heflin, AL until he was near 12 when he moved to camp half-blood.
Optional Info
Books:The lightning thief and the sea of monsters.


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