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Post by Penny Killian on Wed Jun 24, 2009 2:34 pm

Username: (I am) Penny Killian
Character: Tony Delgadillo
Who you want: (above)
Why and What: I want to make Tony only for the purposes of Penny's past and history. Unless I convince one of my friends to make him, he will only be a part of Penny's memories. An example would be the following:

"Penny gazed up at the sky, sadden by what she had seen. She imagined Tony laughing, saying, Hola muchacha, que tal? I thought you were the perky one around here! She blushed, remembering how she felt toward him, and how he could always make her smile and laugh. She talked to him more than anyone else... except maybe Celestina. But... I love you, Tony... Where ever you are... Penny sent her silent call to the sky."
Penny Killian
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