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Character Creation: Mason Lopez Empty Character Creation: Mason Lopez

Post by tigerlilyham23 on Thu Oct 21, 2010 7:33 pm

Name: Mason Lopez
--Alias: None.
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown (Obviously part human, but the other half is still a mystery)

Character Info
Personality:[be as descriptive as possible!] Mason is as cold as deep space and twice as dark. He rarely smiles, and is a very solemn and serious person. Mason does, however, have a spot spot towards small children, cloud watching, and butterflies. He does not have ADHD or dyslexia, making fighting fairly hard without the natural battle reflexes, and reading ancient Greek several times harder. Although, he has been diagnosed with Tourettes syndrome, and has an almost uncontrollable tick of bending his hands back, which can only be appeased by him holding a heavy object above his head. Introverted (socializing makes him exhausted).
Appearance:[be as descriptive as possible! NO PICTURES], Dark hair that hovers just above his shoulders, and stony gray eyes. He is very, very short, standing at about five foot three, but broad shouldered. His face is forever scowling, and lightly freckled. He likes to wear shorts and black shirts, because it gives him freedom to move, and almost never wears shoes, preferring to go barefoot everywhere. He has the build of a long distance runner, semi skinny and with semi toned muscles, despite lacking the respiratory endurance.
Weaknesses: Can pass out from exhaustion after long physical exertion, tends to fall asleep after long conversations (usually one sided; he has no idea how to talk to others), has no other powers except for his muscular strength and endurance (can barely touch ambrosia or nectar without third degree burns, giving him the disadvantage in battle) No ADHD, or Dyslexia, and fumbles with swords.
Strengths: Extremely strong, almost super human. Because of his strength, he can jump very high and run very fast, but despite having muscular endurance, if he exerts himself to much he will pass out almost immediately. His strength gives him an advantage in battle, but mostly in hand to hand situations. With his strength, he also is able to carry large shields to be used as weapons.

Biography: Mason was born in Utah, where he grew up on a farm, also a home for boys. Working mostly when he wasn't in school, he had a knack for the back breaking labor and would carry on for hours after the other boys stopped, once or twice taking the place of the cattle who helped plow the fields. He doesn't know much about his family, or parents. At age thirteen, he was brought to camp, and after a year in the Hermes cabin, was still unclaimed. Without his natural battle reflexes from ADHD, he finds fighting much harder, and is clumsy with a blade, thus a joke to some campers.

History: (isn't this the same as Biography???) Born in Utah. Went to camp at thirteen. Still unclaimed, bad at fighting. (Deja Vu!)

Optional Info
Books: [Which ones have you read this includes The Lightning Thief to The Last Olympian and The Demigod Files.] Lightning Thief to Last Olympian, Demigod Files


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