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Basic Info
Name: Alexis Kaitlin Dashwood
--Alias: Alex Dashwood, Alex, Dash (only called Dash by her best friends)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Demigod

Character Info
Appearance: Alex has long black hair going down to her middle back. She has a line of freckles on her nose and always wears lime green Converse hi-tops. Her only jewlery is a necklace that she has worn forever. It cannot open, but it is believed that the picture of her Olympian parent is in there.
Personality: Very nice and laid back. She only gets mad when something goes wrong. And usually, she's angry at herself.
Strengths: Fighting and Intelligence. She has a 4.0 grade average, despite the dyslexia and ADHD. And she is a relatively good fighter, considering the fact that she made it to Camp Half-Blood alive, despite all the monsters from New Orleans to here.
Weaknesses: She has low self-esteem. That is her fatal flaw. Since she thinks she can't do well, she doesn't try her hardest.

Parents: None. She is an orphan.
History: Alex Dashwood grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, living with only her uncle, who never cared about her. She didn't mind. But then, it all came crashing down. Her uncle couldn't pay the taxes. They lost their house. On top of all that, Hurricane Katrina hit. Her uncle died during the hurricane. Alex had shelter in an old bomb cellar where she stayed for the week of the hurricane. When it was over, Alex emerged from the shelter to see everything destroyed. When she emerged, Alex had tattered clothes on, but she looked the best among the rubble. She realized the one place she had to go. Long Island, New York, to learn about her family. Determined to get there, Alex trekked through nine states. It took 5 years, believe it or not. She was 9 when she left. Now she is 14 and is a year rounder, because she has no home. This is her 1st year at camp.

RP Sample:Alex gulped as she entered camp. She felt as if everyone was staring at her, the newbie with the ratty clothes. She trudged to the four-story house over the hill and rung the doorbell. A man- he looked older than 40- in a wheelchair answered the door. "Ah, you must be Alex. Come in, come in." At the moment, Alex wondered why the man knew her name. She put that aside and went in.

Optional Info:
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