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the aormory

Post by biony on Fri Mar 19, 2010 7:50 pm

one day as Biony was welding a helmet he felt like he was being watched so he turned and standing next to him was some girl. "Hello" he said "I'm Biony who are you" he questioned. "I'm Penny" she said pushing a strand of hair out of her face "so...a helmet hm" "yeah I still don't have one until now".
"hay are you that new kid "? "yup. your a child of appolo right" "that is corect" "cool" said Biony
"wow,I finished my helmet. just one touch ...P...E...N...N...Y..." he said "hear you go" said biony as he
handed it to penny. "" said Penny "no problem" said Biony with a wink "my gift to you ,friend
...or should I say alie... I don't know. I gess I'll see you around camp " Biony said as he hung his sowrd
belt over his shoulder "bye Biony" said Penny


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