Aplication for Zeus God of the sky, King of the Gods

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Aplication for Zeus God of the sky, King of the Gods Empty Aplication for Zeus God of the sky, King of the Gods

Post by Zeus on Thu Aug 13, 2009 7:40 am

--Alias: Zeus
Age:from the beginning of the fifth age.

Character Info
Personality:Zeus is a short tempered God. He is a born leader and a proud one. He only shows emotion when hes making a woman fall for him or, when hes angry. He is a bit paranoid about his throne being overcome. But in all he is a leader. He has pity we know this because of his daughter, but he also has fury. He is clever and a great king.

Appearance:He has that salt and pepper beard we all know and love, like a storm cloud. He has longer gray hair. When hes not in god form he wears his pinstripe suit. He has lightning in his eyes and smells like ozone. When you approach him your hair stands up on its ends. You know you are in the prescience of a god.

Zeus has a few weaknesses. He was captured in a golden net until he swore to be a better king. He also has paranoia and a hot temper that can lead to disaster. We know this because of the lightning thief.

His masterbolt is unmatched. The lightning made by the cyclopes is strong and powerful. He is the weather so the sky is at his disposal. He has such great power and speed. What can I say he is one of the big three.

Biography: Zeus is the king of the Olympians and lord of the sky. He is supreme ruler and together with his brothers he is unstoppable. But he would never admit it.

His father is the titan lord Kronos and his mother is Rhea. A proficy was told that a child of Kronos would take his throne just like Uranos, So Kronos swallowed all of his children whole. When Zeus was born Rhea hid him on earth and gave her husband a rock. Kronos thought it was Zeus and swallowed it. Zeus was placed in a cave, cared for by nature spirits and garded by men. When Zeus would cry they would bang there shields to mask the sound. When he grew up he released his brothers and sisters. Posidan, Hades, Hera, Hestia, and Demeter. They brought there Uncles up from tartars and beet the titans and the fifth age had begun.

Zeus has very angry history. Like when he chained Prometheus to the rock or when he would incinerate mortals for crimes then have them punished in the underworld. Few see the good side of his past. Like how much he cares for his children. He saved his sun and daughter from sacrifice by sending the golden sheep. He took a maiden across the sea as a bull. He took pity on his daughter and turned her into a pine tree to help camp half blood and to save her the pain of death. But we know his fury. He destroyed the bus Percy, Anabeth and Grover were traviling on. Also when Hera was angry with him and left him. He sent a great storm, He then turned himself into a scared peacock and flew to her. She was then represented by a peacock. We know Zeus has a temper and a heart.

Skills: All I have to say is, the sky
RP Sample: Zeus was worried. All the Olympians saw it but said nothing. Typhon was nearing. Zeus was thinking. We will stop him I know it. I just need Posidan and the plan will be flawless. No more mercy for this father of demons. To Tartars with it! His wisest daughter scenced his dismay. "Father it is time." she whispered. "I know. Olympians to arms!" he exclaimed. His voice commanding and strong. "Today we fight for Olympus and for the fifth age!" the counsel cheered. As he step foot onto his chariot he was ready. His stormy gray chariot smelled like ozone and made your hair stand on end (if you weren't Zeus) his horses looked like lightning. He had his lightning ready and just in case his master bolt his symbol of power. "TO GLORY!" he exclaimed. And the Olympians took off. Faster then the wind, towards the father of evil. Typhon

Optional Info
Books: I have read Lightning theif, Sea of monsters,Titans curse,Battle of the labrinth,Demigod files, and Last olimpian.

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