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Post by Penny Killian on Thu May 28, 2009 4:30 pm

Penny stopped in front of the pale gold cabin. The sun symbol on it glowed softly and rotated slowly. She took a deep breath and stepped inside.

She found an open bunk as the other cabiners inside looked up curiously to her arrival. Penny blushed. She didn't like being the center of attention very much, but she turned to face her fellow cabinmates. "Hi, everyone." She coughed and spoke a little louder. "I'm Penny Killian. I've been claimed by my, or I guess I should say our father, Apollo. Nice to meet you!" She bowed nervously, then sat on her bunk.

Aria slithered off of her shoulder, and settled on the soft bed. It was softer than anything they had become used to in the last month. That had been a hard time, but it appeared the hard times were over. Even though she had been warned the life of a demigod was never easy, Penny was starting to enjoy her new surroundings. She pulled a blue sketchbook out of her bag and began to draw the inside of the cabin, and her bunk. Aria curled up next to her, tongue flicking more slowly, showing she was relaxed.

She glanced around. I wonder when we eat, or if there's anything I should be doing. She wondered absently before continuing her sketch.
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