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Post by Ghost rider JB on Wed Nov 13, 2013 8:45 am

Name:Isanella Hale

Character Info
Personality:She is mean to anyone at first until she gets to know them.She gets mad very easily if anyone calls her Nellie.She is kind to her family but isn't very loving toward them.She is also very intellectual.She tends to also get nervous when it comes to being in battles.
Appearance:She has long black hair to the middle of her back.She has blue eyes hidden under her purple glasses.She is 5'2" and very lean but athletic.She has a slight hunchback
Weaknesses:anger issues and can't see from far away and she is a clutz
Strengths:sword fighting archery stealing

Parents: n/a
History:  She was born on long island new york.She came home from school one day when she was five only to find  James her mother's boyfriend crying.As it turns out her mother was killd in a car accident.When she was 7 she got a dog named fireball.At the time she had no other known family so she ran away to her best friend house. When she was 10 she ran away from her friends house and 3 weeks later a satyr found her and took her to camp.

Optional Info
Books: all the books expet the house of hades
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