Welcome to camp half-blood!

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Welcome to camp half-blood! Empty Welcome to camp half-blood!

Post by Mikey.123 on Mon May 28, 2012 1:07 pm

Michael was tired, he was cold, he was hurt. The list was endless. But finally his long, tedious journey was coming to an end. He'd faced monsters galore on the trip from London and he was feeling joyous at the idea of leaving them behind. Or at least for a little while anyway. Michael wasn't sure he would be accepted at camp. All he knew is that it smelt good. Before Michael could suck in the atmosphere on the hill he felt a cold wind sweep across him. He turned and he was face to face with a 7 foot tall wolf man. 'Mmm, juicy half blood, I have been tracking you for days now, your scent is strong, I sense power in you. What a shame you won't get the chance to learn of your power. I shall eat you now.' And with that the wolf man sprung towards Michael. Michael's battle reflexes kicked in. He side-stepped the wolf man he now cleverly named 'Wolfie' and drew pyrothos. Pyrothos was Michael's hunting blade, a weapon he has wielded all his life. Wolfie glared at the weapon, fear in his eyes. Michael stepped forward and said 'Leave now beast, I don't want to have to slay you. You don't want to die right? turn around. I am not scared of you.' But it was a front, Michael WAS scared, he wasn't in good enough condition to fight, If Wolfie got in a good strike, it was game over for Michael, he would become wolf chowder. The wolf man licked his lips, and prepared to pounce again...


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Welcome to camp half-blood! Empty Re: Welcome to camp half-blood!

Post by Sirius on Thu Oct 17, 2013 6:07 pm

as he walks in he sees a guy fighting a monster he draws lupas and comes in to help "hey need any help" he says to mikael as he swing his sword around and it catches on fire he swings it at the monster and the fire blinds it long enough to stab it threw the throat on the ground where it turned to dust was a wolf pelt "well he was easy" sirius says


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