The L Word—Funny Series!

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The L Word—Funny Series!

Post by merrytess on Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:19 am

I like the car chase The L Word DVD scene, after he had broken. funny as can be. I saw the video creator to talk about what would change if I could, and he said it would be the death of Dana. The Big Bang Theory DVD I hate that he died, but they do a wonderful job telling this story. I do not think that looks really changed after the death of the idea of Dana. The only negative I have to say I did not like the last episode. Last season was that killed Jenny, and he never said he did. I’ve heard rumors of a spin-off that Alice died and went to jail. Bones DVD I never liked this ideal, because Alice is my favorite and I like to see charator here in prison. Last season, the impression that everything was pushed. As the creator has no time for more story lines enought Evol. Grey's Anatomy DVD I want an answer to killing stations / death, but sugest everyone to see this show. I love this show! It’s sad, I started looking too late! This is the best thing to happen to television. It can be unpredictable, sexy, intelligent, moving and at the same time. Brothers and Sisters DVD This show is very anti-re obtained. Each character touches anyone. It’s one of my favorites to watch.


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