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Post by A Lovely Day on Fri Jul 29, 2011 7:51 pm

Name: Scott Eastpath
--Alias: Grape juice
Age: 19
Gender: male
Species: Human/Demigod.

Character Info
Personality: Aggresive when drunk, as his father is Dionysus, but quiet the gentleman whenever he isn't, um, drunk. Scott has suspects that this might had come from his mothers side. Has a rather short temper.
Appearance: Takes from his dad's features; Black raven hair cut short and spiky, with peach fuzz of a growing beard. Violet eyes and lightly tanned skin, usually wears jeans and a T shirt.
Weaknesses: Scott is a total playboy. He loves the ladies, and would be fancied by any hot woman out there.
Strengths: He is also rather strong. No, not the strongest man in the universe and can take down Percy Jackson, just you know, an 8 pack, has muscles, and such. He could take out his anger on someone, presumably an enemy. (No, not a demigod. Like...a hellhound or sorts.) Oh and then he has his dads powers, such as making drinks out of no where, exploding ones mind and driving them mad, etc.

Parents: Dionysus, his dead mother, Charlotte Eastpath, and his step-parents, Rosa Smith and Steve Smith.
History: When Scott had turn three, he killed his own mother. By well, exploding her mind. Driving her mad. Then was later found by her nextdoor neighbor- and Scott almost starving to death. After that, Rosa, the neighbor, had taken care of him for the rest of his life. Well you know, before he was attacked at the schools field trip by a giant hyena. Well, hellhound.

RP Sample: I feel like I just ate 200 satyr's. All I remember was partying, drunk like a maniac, then nothing. I was having a hangover. (POV.)

Optional Info
Books: I've read all.

- - - - - - - --

Name: Maple Rosenburg
--Alias: Pancakes
Age: 5
Gender: Female
Species: Dryad (Forest nymph)

Character Info
Personality: A sweet, bubbly little dryad, who radiates happiness around her, as she is a little girl and does not know of the worlds sins and miseries.
Appearance: Maple, or Pancakes, has deep red hair that would change (Just like all the other dryads.) color to the season. Her eyes are a pinkish orange, and has dark skin.
Weaknesses: Maple is just a little girl- and extremely fragile. Not a clue about the crimes in this world, and is always looking on the bright side. There for she is entirely vulnerable.
Strengths: She may not be strong, but she can run like the wind. And can shoot maple syrup out of her fingers.

Parents: Born from two other maple trees, well dryads, Maylee Rosenburg and Autumn Rosenburg.
History: Pancakes was born into the world with the birds singing, deer resting, and sunlight gleaming in the beautiful forest to welcome a new, beautiful and healthy girl. Tons of dryads surrounded her, welcoming the dryad, and each taking a turn to kiss her on the for head. From then on, she grew, played with other young satyrs and dryads and nymphs, and grew, and played, and grew, basking in the sunlight, not a clue of what is going on around her. At the age of 3, a young satyr named Micheal gave her a stuffed bunny, naming "her" Betsy. She still has it- and has feelings for him.

RP Sample: POV, just like Scott's, except with the grammar mistakes for her, after all she is 5. "Luke was talking to the meanies again. Why would he befriend the baddies and meanies, Betsy? They are mean and hurt other demigods."

Optional Info
Books: All~

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