Grey’s Anatomy Seaon 7—Love It

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Grey’s Anatomy Seaon 7—Love It Empty Grey’s Anatomy Seaon 7—Love It

Post by merrytess on Tue Jul 26, 2011 1:31 am

The Grey's Anatomy DVD characters continue to get better. There was not a dull episode in the season. The musical was really funny and I think we can establish who can sing and who can't by the way Callie basically sings nearly every song. An amazing season, which can only get better next year. Bones DVD I know it may be a little early to review this now but this is just for the show, i will update when have the DVD. After last seasons Huge Tense and at times scary season finale, Grey's returns albit a little slow but still brillient. The Big Bang Theory DVD We get to find out how everyone is coping with the events, everyone deals with it in their own way and i think Cristinas was the most absorbing, i actually thought she would quit Seattle Grace Mercy West but thankfully she did not. The L Word DVD I will be purchasing this DVD when the day it comes out and rewatching this whole season again as it has so far been the second best. I was a huge Grey's fan for the first two seasons, kept with it for the third and fourth, and lost complete interest in it during the fifth and sixth season, only watching the begining and end of those seasons. Curb Your Enthusiasm DVD I really think the characters of Dr. Yang and Dr. Karev shine in this season, as well as Dr. Torres, who the final episodes really seem to focus on.


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