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Post by merrytess on Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:41 pm

Weeds DVD is so wonderful. It's in that self reflective nature that the show brings in a wholly unexpected emotional level. The finale here is not necessarily shocking in terms of plot, Desperate Housewives DVD but shocking for what Nancy does emotionally, when you see it, you will never think she had it in her. Season Six of Weeds is decidedly different in almost every aspect, but it also brings all of the shows past seasons into a greater light. Cold Case DVD Since we finally get to really see what is going on under the surface with Nancy, Andy, Silas, Shane and yes, even Doug, we begin to understand their past (before the show started), their actions during the series and then how they react during Season Six. With the writing in such top form, the acting is even better. Curb Your Enthusiasm DVD Mary-Louise Parker is as riveting and unlikeable as ever as Nancy Botwin (though the frustration you feel with her during the season is specifically calculated and snaps into focus during the finale). Justin Kirk really takes the front seat as a father figure and leader, The L Word DVD being the emotional ground for which the family stands. Season Six also has a fantastic array of guest stars including Linda Hamilton, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, a very memorable and funny Richard Dreyfuss and a slew of returning cast members from previous seasons.


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