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Aplication for Violet Riddle Empty Aplication for Violet Riddle

Post by Violet Riddle on Fri Apr 15, 2011 10:58 pm

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Basic Info

Name: Violet Maria Lilliana Riddle
--Alias: Vi
Age: 15
Species: Demigod

Character Info

Personality: Shy, sort of a outcast, loyal to her camp and friends, creative, keeps up a strong guard, smart, cunning at times, and a funny girl when you get close to her (or she lets you get close to her).
Appearance: A little bit longer than shoulder length midnight black hair, bright green eyes, very pale complexion, pixie like face, very thin, medium height for her age. Her usual clothing is: white t-shirt that hugs her hourglass figure, a leather jacket, black ripped skinny jeans, black and white Nike hightop sneakers, and a bunch of colorful braclets on her arms.
Cactuses and other desert plants: Her human mother was obsessed with desert plants when she was little.
Cats: Her grandmother was a cat lady.
Movies: Because of her dyslexia she doesn't like to stand still long.
Math: Her worst subject in all the schools she has been to.
Fist fighting: Her male best friend taught her how to fist fight when she was young; he was sure that one day it would protect her.
Archery: Ever since she picked up a bow, it was love at first sight.
Darkness: Since her appearance is so... Dark, she is able to hide will in the darkness.
Music and drawing: She loves to play a few tunes on her guitar, or pick up a pad and pencil and draw a nice picture.
Biography: Violet grew up in a bad part of town. There was no denying it. She had strict rules from her mother to never walk anywhere alone, be home by 4, and stay in the busy parts of town. But, her bestfriend gave her her own pocket knife to keep in her pocket. It was just for show, being that Violet could never be the type of person to hurt another being. Even if that other being happened to have the chance to kill her. But, she was once caught alone and her attacker turned out to be a monster. Litterally. Someone from her street came along and saved her, taking her to a camp. Camp Half-Blood. Ever since then, Violet had been going every summer for the last four years.

Optional Info
Books: I probably just decided to add this to make sure everyone knows I know the history of Camp Half-Blood. I have read all the books multiple times, and have read the Demigod files a few times as well.

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