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The Big Bang Theory—Good Show!

Post by merrytess on Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:25 pm

I had not laughed out loud The Big Bang Theory DVD this hard since the heyday of Frasier and Seinfeld - and BIG BANG is always great! The fact that this is a small man with a strong sense of an incorrect date and still lives with his mother insists on using a set of lines in the direct collection of advice columns of men magazine Brothers and Sisters DVD and still bears the gift of God to women is hilarious. The show inevitably makes use combinations of old sitcoms (The Odd Couple, inadequate unrequited love interest), but even if you can tell them they are used fresh as everything else is good entertainment! Grey's Anatomy DVD The way to really enjoy what he is well on DVD. Writing is so intelligent and jokes fly as fast (many of them non-verbal), there is no way to enjoy it in its broadcast weekly. Well, Sheldon, but could then again, who can compare her intelligence with her? When I first saw this show, Bones DVD I laughed hysterically, but thought it would appeal to a wider audience? As time passed, the character development was great and the writing is always good. The L Word DVD As a professional physicist, I am also concerned about the accuracy of science. I recommended is that many non-scientists, and most are hooked. It is good to have the DVD with the episodes without advertising.


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