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Poseidon Application [Expected] Empty Poseidon Application [Expected]

Post by Poseidon on Wed May 20, 2009 6:29 am

Basic Info
Name: Poseidon
--Alias: Sea Lords, God of Horses, Earthshaker, etc.
Age: Over 10,000
Gender: Male
Species: God

Character Info
Appearance: Poseidon in mortal life is seen to be a merman with seashells, hippocampi, and his backdrop is the ocean. He, like all other gods, have been given the ability to change into what ever form. There "age" is reflected by the state of there hearth. Poseidon is usually wearing beach shorts and a Bahamas or Hawaiian t-shirt.
Personality: Poseidon, I would say, is the most lenient of all the gods. He is usually a very passionate fighter and is never yelling at his children. Poseidon is calm and collected most of the time. He is very heart struck when something devastating happens to the Ocean.
Weaknesses: Does not play well in sky.
Strengths: Very water based.

Parents: Kronos and Mother Nature
History: The god Poseidon was the third born from the Titan lord Kronos and was eaten, he was saved be Zeus and became an Olympian.Poseidon was one of the Big Three, a god who was the son of Kronos, he is the God of Ocean, Earthquakes, and Horses. Poseidon is Percy Jackson's and other, dead, demigods. Poseidon has been seen to hang out at beaches and other land and sea resorts. His last spot was sitting in his throne praising his last son. After restoring Olympus, Poseidon returned to his throne at sea and hasn't been seen anywhere else

RP Sample:The God of Sea rose his hand and struck his finger down, pointing it at the child. The Demigod of Ares shook with fear as he, Poseidon, turned the Child into a hippocampus. He chuckled at the thought of a demigod trying to destroy a Gods hearth. He swam forward to the top of the sea and was shifted into a marooned mortal. His body was more pasty then before and his hair was darker and more sheen. He looked like a young man. Poseidon saw a man in the distance and yelled for help.
Once on land he ran off and shifted his clothes so that he looked more society friendly. And he went through the city looking for someone. But who...

Optional Info
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