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application: Charlotte ann carter Empty application: Charlotte ann carter

Post by zoenightshade222 on Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:38 am

--Alias: I have no alias, just charlotte or you can call me by my middle name, ann

Character Info
Personality:Charlotte loves nature and is almost always by herself in the woods. she is quiet and shy until you get to know her then she can be funny and nice. she is smart but i woldnt say she is wise because she does some stupid stuff without thinking. She is brave and stands up for herself when she needs to. she hopes to grow up and go on adventures exploring the ancient ruins and tropical rainforest.
Appearance:long brown hair, green eyes that change blue in the sun, taller then most but sort of normal height and normal weight.
Weaknesses:gets herself into alot of trouble somtimes and does stupid stuff, but then laughs when she thinks about what she did.
Strengths:she takes the punishment without reget of her actions, she is loyal and goes through with her plans even when she find they are wrong

Biography: She grew up on the streets beacause her faimly was poor and had to. thats where she learned to be quick and learned to love nature. she was an only child and then her mortal parent died of a sickness when she was 14. after that she spent one year on the streets before finding out she was a demigod and being brought to camp half blood
History:my history is my biography

RP Sample:Charlotte woke up in the hermes cabin with light filtering through the windows. "another day" she sighed mabe it would be the day she would be claimed, mabe a new prophecy would be stated, anything could happen, exspeacially at camp half blood.

Optional Info
Books: I have read all the percy jackson series and the lost hero and the red pyrimid (wich is part of the kane cronicals) I have not read the demigod files or any of the iformation books about percy jackson.



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