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Post by Poseidon on Wed May 20, 2009 1:04 am

The Rules

Examples that are about posting are in quotes, others are just typed in Italics and Underlined

No Flamming or Rudeness
I would like it if the members of the site do not flame, which is insulting any members post. All this does is cause arguing amongst the members which is never appreciated.

No God Modding or Recreation
When you create an ultimate character that cant be defeated and cannot be killed even by a god stronger then them, it tends to get annoying. I would also like people to stick to cannon situations that aren't entirely defined by the books, keep the same personality and such but don't recreate a cannon that is taken by creating a custom that is exactly like the original cannon. An Example follows
Example One(Recreation)
----Bob has taken the character Percy Jackson and Fred really wants Percy. He creates a custom that is like Percy in every way, even up to the River Styx part and makes sure he is claimed by Poseidon. That is Recreation.
Example Two(God Modding)
Percy ran over to the fields dodging every lightning blast that Thalia sent towards him, he turned around and threw Riptide. Thalia dodged Riptide but it somehow came back and stabbed her in the back.
That is God Modding.

No One-lining or short Posts
Posts for Role Playing must be in Third Person, which is where you state the name of your character and proceed to use he/she the name, etc. All posts must be AT LEAST four sentences long. If I see a thread that isn't following these rules I will lock it and/or delete it.

I would like it if everyone had one account, I honestly do not want to ban anybody, everyone gets one character also, unless NPCing.

Characters and Deaths
Characters can die but not in certain situations, Demigods cannot die in camp. Gods cannot die in there hearth, residence. On quests and in battle they can die, unless the battle is in the Camp or Hearth. An Example will follow
When a Demigod is at Camp Half-Blood, they cannot die.
When a Demigod is on a quest, they can die, depending on the hardness of the quest.
When a Demigod is battling another Demigod, one can but doesn't have to die.

Claiming Children
Any God, Minor or Major, can claim children. Immortals, such as Titans or Titans half blood children, can claim children also. If we obtain all the Gods, there might be a claim every day. The Big Three can claim everyone now and then but try not to make a habit of it. Hermes, the messenger god, can claim once a day if we have a high demigod count.

Metagaming is when your character is an omniscient being. An example will follow.
This is Metagaming.
Person One has a wolf hiding in the bushes and made sure Person Two has no clue, but somehow Person Two knows its there and kills it. That is metagaming.

Any Added Rules Will Have a New Post Following This One

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The Rules Empty Re: The Rules

Post by Poseidon on Thu May 21, 2009 8:20 pm

No Spam - Spam posting will be defined below. A result in more than three cases of spam will result in temporary banning, where in which I will email you saying the date and time you will be unbanned. Temporary bans can range from three days to fifteen days depending on the offense.

What classifies spam:
Spam Is
Discussion other than the Moderators or Administrators with a applier for a cannon or custom character.
Not following the post requirements.
Spam swearing, when you either:
Insult a moderator or administrator numerous times, with or without being serious
Saying damn, hell and/or dammit numerous times. Unless you have permission
That is all spam is defined as for now.

Cursing - With the allowing of hell and dammit or damn, I have made a no cursing policy as the fact that many children do not like it, or are not old enough to handle it. Temporary ten to fifteen day ban is a result in more then TWO cases of it.

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